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UNcommon Healthcare Designed to Help You be UNcommon

We have all experienced common healthcare. You sit in a crowded waiting room long after your scheduled appointment time. Then you are left alone in a treatment room waiting for your over-scheduled provider. They rush into the room because they are already way behind schedule, ask a few questions, interrupt your answers, and give the same recommendations to you that they gave the last person they hurriedly worked with.

This common approach has led to overmedication, surgical procedures that are not necessary, people being told they just have to "deal with" what is bothering them, and acceptance that common health and wellness issues are "normal". The trickle down from this common approach has been catastrophic for your health by normalizing things such as.

  • Chronic Pain Conditions

  • Obesity

  • Inactivity

  • Poor Nutrition

  • Over Medication

  • Unnecessary Surgery

  • Poor Fitness Levels

  • Giving Up Activities and Hobbies You Once Loved

We Are UNcommon

We know that the common approach to healthcare just doesn't work, so we make it our priority to bring an UNcommon approach to your health and wellness. So if you have tried the common approach and it left you unsatisfied PHW is the place for you.

Our UNcommon philosophy means you will never sit in a waiting room after your scheduled appointment time. You will never be left alone in a treatment room to fend for yourself. Our therapists are never double, triple, or quadruple booked, meaning they spend the entire appointment working only with you. You will be listened to, you won't be interrupted, and a plan specific to you and your needs will be created.

Our UNcommon approach will help you become UNcommon resulting in.

  • Life Without Chronic Pain Conditions

  • Improved Fitness Levels

  • Increased Activity Tolerance

  • Reduced Reliance on Pain Medications

  • Allowing Your Body to Heal Without Unnecessary Surgery

  • Full Recovery From Necessary Surgical Procedures

  • Maintaining the Ability to do the Activities and Hobbies You Love

Is PHW The Right Choice For You?

Our UNcommon approach isn't for everyone, and we know that. Our ideal clients are individuals that desire to take an active role in their own health and wellness journey. We want you to ask question, and give us feedback throughout your time with us. We want you to take the information gained during your appointments and use it outside the clinic to improve your everyday life.

Our ideal clients are:

  • Individuals currently dealing with pain or injury that want to avoid surgery and pain medications.

  • People looking to improve their current activity levels in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Women that want to regain optimal pelvic floor health.

  • Proactive individuals that want to avoid giving up the activities they enjoy as they get older.

  • Pre/post natal women that want to recovery from pregnancy/childbirth and return to an active lifestyle.

  • Active individuals looking to improve their performance in running, strength training, skiing, biking, etc.

  • People that are dealing with chronic pain or injury and have tried "everything else".

The PHW Team

Dr. Kyle Palmer, PT, DPT

Doctor Palmer specializes in performance physical therapy and dry needling treatments. He earned his Doctor or Physical Therapy degree from the University of Montana in 2017 after a 10 year career as a college basketball coach. He founded Performance Health and Wellness in 2018 after witnessing the common approach to physical therapy, health and wellness, and was determined to find a better option. 

Doctor Palmer's UNcommon approach drives the philosophy of Performance Health and Wellness, and our belief that you are not fragile, broken, or too old to do the things you want to do in life. 

Dr. Tara Kazemfar, PT, DPT, PRPC

Doctor Kazemfar earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from The University of Florida in 2017. She continued post graduate work and in May 2023 she earned a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification (PRPC) making her the LC Valley's only certified pelvic health specialist. She specializes in pre/post natal pelvic floor rehabilitation, pelvic pain, and other pelvic related conditions. She is a perfect compliment to the UNcommon approach of Performance Health and Wellness, her ability to educate her clients and genuine care for every individual that comes through the door results in life changing improvements for those lucky enough to work with her.

Amanda Lynch, LMT

Amanda graduated from Twin Rivers Therapeutic Massage Academy in 2022. Her UNcommon massage philosophy is a perfect fit for Performance Health and Wellness. She does not follow a "massage script" instead she listens to your body and will address its specific needs during each session. She specializes in therapeutic, prenatal, and postnatal massage which makes her a perfect compliment to our Physical Therapy team.

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