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Massage Therapy at PHW

We even take an UNcommon approach to therapeutic massage therapy at PHW. It's common for most massage therapists to follow a "massage script" meaning they start at one body part and slowly work their way around using the same techniques each session. 

That is now how we work. Instead we discuss your needs each session and adjust techniques and treatment areas accordingly. We listen to you and your body to give you the highest level of therapeutic massage possible.

Who can benefit from therapeutic massage?

  • Women experiencing pain and discomfort during pregnancy

  • Individuals looking for help recovering from their fitness routines

  • People looking to get relief from muscle tension and discomfort

  • Those suffering from muscle pain that are unsure where to start in their attempt to find relief

  • Individuals looking for help to improve flexibility and mobility

  • Office workers that spend most the day sitting 

  • People that spend hours in one posture or doing repetitive movements

Therapeutic Massage Pricing

We offer a variety of massage options to fit your needs. Call today for more information or to schedule your massage.


30 Minute Massage: $50.00
60 Minute Massage: $85.00
90 Minute Massage: $120.00

** Prenatal massage limited to 30 or 60 minutes.

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