Specializing in human performance through physical fitness, health, wellness, and rehabilitation to help you reach or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Is Performance Health + Wellness The Right Choice For You?

Different is Better:

  • Performance Health and Wellness is all about you. Every appointment is one-on-one with the Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

  • The treatment plan is based on your specific needs and goals.

  • We combine the perfect combination of manual therapy, modalities, and corrective exercise (as needed)

  • We don't ask you to come back 3x's a week for 6 weeks. It's all about what is best for you and your schedule.

  • It's not just about pain management. We work to find the root cause of the pain or injury, and develop a plan to prevent it from returning.

  • Our focus is on improving your performance in all aspects of your daily life, wether that is preparing for a race, improving your fitness, hiking, playing with your children, or doing housework.





I have enjoyed human movement and performance my entire life. I had an active childhood playing various sports, and spending time outdoors. My childhood set a foundation of enjoying physical activity, and from an early age I knew I wanted to help people enjoy movement and an active lifestyle. 

I started a career as a basketball coach less than one year after graduating high school (I was closer in age to my players than their parents). I continued my coaching career for 15 years working my way up to the college level where I served as an assistant coach at colleges all over the country. I was fortunate to be part of many successful programs winning a National Championship and multiple Conference Championships. Helping my athletes improve their movement and performance both on the gym and in the weight room eventually led me to pursue Physical Therapy as a second career.


I began my Physical Therapy career in a "traditional" outpatient setting and soon discovered that the current model of health care made it nearly impossible for me to take advantage of my education and training, and provide the kind of experience I wanted for my patients.

In the "traditional" model of care I was required to see multiple patients every hour. I would spend 15-20 minutes with them only to send them off to work with assistive personnel for the rest of their appointment. On the rare occasion that I would have time in my schedule that allowed for one-on-one time with a patient we always had greater improvement, or discovered the "missing" element that led to the results they were hoping for. 

It was my time in a "traditional" setting that led me to start Performance Health and Wellness. I now have the freedom to work with clients in a manner that allows me to fully use my skills and training to help people achieve their goals and improve their lifestyle.


My goal while working with you at Performance Health and Wellness is to get you back to the things you love to do, or would like to do​. I fully believe that the human body is made to perform, and has an amazing ability to adapt and improve no matter your age or situation. The human body in not "fragile" or "broken", you are not "too old", and should not have to give up the things you enjoy because of pain or restriction. Once you decide to work together with me, I will value your time, communicate, educate, and create a plan to bring you hope, growth, and strength.

Doctor of Physical Therapy - University of Montana
Masters in Education - Walsh University
Bachelors Degree - Boise State University


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