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Invest in U at PHW

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Every time you make a positive health and wellness decision or action you are investing in yourself. The Invest in U program is our community wide program to bring health and wellness to the LC Valley.

Every person who comes into PHW has made a choice to invest in their own health. But we know this is only a small portion of the community that is investing in their health and wellness. We want to reward any person in the community who is taking these positive steps. The Invest in U program is our way of rewarding you for investing in your health and wellness.


We want to hear about your health investments no matter how big or small. We invite you to share about your decision to invest in health and wellness. In return for your story, goals reached, accomplishments, and positive health changes you will be awarded "stocks" which can be redeemed for "dividends".

Examples of how you earn "stock" through Invest in U.

  • Starting a new exercise program.

  • Joining a gym, and consistently attending.

  • Setting and reaching a health goal (run a race, improve body composition, etc)

  • Changing lifestyle habits (sleep, nutrition, stress, etc)

  • Taking charge of your health by addressing issues that have hindered your health. (going to the Dr, starting physical therapy, etc)

We want to hear how you are Investing in U. When you share your story with us at Performance Health + Wellness you will earn "stock" which you can redeem for "dividends". The more "stock" you earn the better the "dividend". 

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Investment Partners

The Invest in U program is made possible through partnerships with the following local businesses that share a passion for improving the health and wellness of the LC Valley.

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